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Whos Your Daddy? download torrent

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Whos Your Daddy?

In “Who is your dad”, multiple experience, one player acts as a guard, plays as a dad, another game as a “child”. The father’s goal is to keep the baby safe at home every day (it does take a few minutes). Meanwhile, this is the goal of the child who holds the forks in retail stores for the implementation of the Hourfloat in a heated oven or make an unpleasant fall: everything is dead and “conquers” the circle. Then roles change, and players start again.

In the end, it’s bad (function () {(‘reviving-app-page-desktop’);}); There’s so much to say, besides the main premise of the game. Management is simple: both players useleft and right, click the right mouse button and the VASD keys to move and execute your goals. Dad moves faster, of course, but he needs it! The dad should pull objects with awkward physics on the way of a child and a little girl who is not very resistant to children: avoiding bleachand batteries, glass stalks waiting to break, and glass glass fragments, and if a family car falls into the wall, it explodes. The dad can feed pills and fruits to heal them (regardless of the consequences) … even if they turn green into greencolor to reflect their illness and injury.

Carousel Every player turns around as a father, and then, as a child, during the rounds. This is a useful and honest feature, as both games play differently and asymmetrically. The task of the father, of course, tends to the child, but, performing duties, fathercan get bonuses. If he places the battery in, for example, a smoke detector or any other toy in a box of toys, he will most likely get Bat’s tattoo, allowing him to see through the walls. Children do not get bonuses, but they do not need them: they are small enough to hide,when the dad is back and then jump in the bathroom as long as he is!

The explosion in the past This can be considered a good or bad, given the assumption of the game, but Vho Iour Taddi does not have a great graphics. Cartoon film with clay, real colors are similar to similar or similar gamesin the middle of the 2000s. The connection between the symbols and the texture of items in the house, of course, is not professional. Animation – is the best graphics describes it as “fast”. But it’s hard not to laugh when the dad stands in front of the oven, absolutely motionless, and he opens his team,to show Kid.

In general, if your dad sounds like a game you can enjoy, it’s likely. Given how easy it is to find a game and how easy it is to start play, the minimum risk of attempts. All you really need is istomišljena people (or more than one!) Copy of the games that are responsible,and the desire to get down and dirty in the bowels of the earth, as well as courage and chopper. Who is your dad It’s up to you!


INSV all if your dad sounds like a game you can enjoy, for sure. Taking into account how easy it is to play the game and how easy it is to play, the minimum risk is when you try.All that you really need is a similar person (or more than one!) Copies that fit and desire they descend and dirty deep inside the house as guardians and offenders. Who is your dad It’s up to you!

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